Our Curriculum



The RLC Preschool’s curriculum is based on best practices. Our adopted curriculum is Frog Street (all ages except pre-K) and Scholastics (pre-K), which is research based. Our Teachers use this curriculum along with their own activities to enrich the lesson plans, and to make them appropriate for the individual needs of the students in the group. Our classrooms are full of hands-on learning where children are able to discover and explore. You will find teachers working with children individually, in a large group, and in a small group setting. You will find our student/teacher ratios to be low, so that our children can get more individualized attention. Our teachers are constantly observing and assessing the children, so they can develop lesson plans that are relevant to the individual needs of the children in their care. Teachers use positive guidance in the classroom to help children learn self-control, and how to make good choices. Children are always encouraged to do their best, to try hard and to have fun while learning. 

Chapel Time


We are a faith based program, so chapel time is very important to us. Each morning we start our day worshiping together. We sing songs, listen to a story from the Bible, focus on a monthly memory verse and have prayer time. This is just a fun time for the children and the staff to get together and enjoy our school community. This sets a marvelous tone for the rest of our day. 



Our infant room is a warm welcoming room where our babies are nurtured and loved. We believe through having a loving and caring relationship with our babies we are helping them development their social emotional skills. They learn to feel secure and how to make healthy emotional attachments to others, while beginning to develop their own independence. The infant room is a calm place where you will find teachers singing songs,reading books, playing music, and encouraging our little ones to explore different toys and their entire classroom environment. Teachers use baby signs to help with communication. 



 The toddler’s room is a very active room. These little friends are strengthening their motor skills and they are able to do more on their own. Teachers in this room can be seen helping children learn some of those self-help skills like washing their own hands and feeding themselves. Children in this age group enjoy the one-on-one time with their teachers. Activities include storytelling, learning songs and finger plays, exploring a variety of toys and being encouraged to verbalize their wants and needs.  



 In the two year old classroom, you will find children who want to be more and more independent. They are able to do quite a lot for themselves and these friends start to display a lot of independence. Teachers can be seen giving positive guidance, as they nurture and guide the children through the daily activities. These activities help develop skills like language, problem solving and motor skills. 



 Our three year old classroom is filled with pretend and cooperation. Children are actively playing and sharing toys with each other. They develop special friendships and get excited about seeing friends. The three year old teachers can often be seen pretending with the children, helping them write their names, asking higher level questions, reading to them, and encouraging them to ask questions. 



 The four year old program focuses on all the skills set out in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Teachers are working very hard to prepare our children for kindergarten. In this room, you will find children interacting with each other in centers and participating in many hands-on activities. They will be doing a lot of problem solving tasks and focusing on those basic skills, which are essential for elementary school. Skills like writing their names, recognizing the alphabet, numbers and basic shapes, being able to socialize with others, and being independent. 



Our specials teachers visit each classroom. They do special activities with the children to reinforce classroom work. They take the children to library; do music and movement, STEM, Computers, and Spanish with the children. Children can be seen actively involved in these activities. During this time with the specials teachers, the children are also taken to the playground where they develop large motor skills, social/emotional skills and problem solving skills. 


Extended Day

We offer various planned and structured activities during this time, as well as center time and outside time. Children are actively involved in the activities presented to them. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of The Resurrection Lutheran Church Preschool in Plano to provide education, life-skills training, and support for families in our diverse community, within a nurturing Christian environment.